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About Me...

My name is Wayne Sclesky. I started shooting real estate while living in Miami, FL in 2006. Prior to that I was a focusing my talents on fashion & beauty photography. Life changes paths for us unexpectedly at times. I ended up back in Kansas City to be with my wife. Being back in Kansas City shooting fashion and beauty was not really an option. I put my time and effort back into real estate photography.

Realtors using professional photographers for photos was still in its infancy at the time. I was lucky enough to have a friend who had a friend that was an agent at a very large realty company here in KC. Overtime I found myself become very busy. Word of mouth was my source of new clients. It came to the point that I was so busy that I could not take on any new clients. At the time I was shooting in between 1000 and 1100 houses a year.

That lasted until the beginning of 2017 when my wife and I decided to try something new and moved to rural Northern New York (Canada was only 10 miles from our house). At the time I was a bit overworked and probably did need a break. After a few months I really began to miss my work and clients, many of whom became good friends.

Being in a rural location there was little to no opportunity for real estate/architectural photography. After years of living rural we decided that we needed to be back in Kansas City. It is a great town with so much to offer. We went from the nearest movie theater being an hour and fifteen minutes away to one being about three minutes away!

So here I am again! Reigniting what I had built up before. My specialty is composition and finding the best angle to shoot rooms/exteriors/etc. Having shot over 7000 houses in my 13 years of doing this be rest assured that I will make you and your clients very happy.

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