Current turnaround time is same day by 11pm CST.

By keeping my overhead low I can offer lower prices without sacrificing quality!


I have created two pricing options: 

The Basic option is standard HDR photography using only natural light. This is a good option when you want some nice photos of a property but don't feel having the highest quality will be of benefit. Basic editing of images included (basic color balance/levels/sharpness)

The Premium option is when you want to impress not only home buyers but your sellers as well. These photos retain the feel of natural light images but with color accuracy not achievable by using the Basic HDR method alone. These images receive extra attention in the editing process to create great images!

(Please scroll down to see side by side comparisons of Basic and Premium Images.)

Basic Images
10 Images: $69
15 Images: $79
20 Images: $89
25 Images: $99
Additional images above 25/ $2 per image.

Premium Images
10 Images: $79
15 Images: $95
20 Images: $110
25 Images: $125
Additional images above 25/ $3 per image.

Nighttime/Sunset/Evening Images
$119 for up to 10 images/$5 per image after that.

Drone Photography
$75 for 10-15 edited images.

Mileage Fee
There is a mileage fee for properties further than 20 driving miles from my home (704 SW Trailpark Ct, Lee's Summit, MO). The charge is $1 per mile past 20 miles. I only charge for the drive to the property and not the drive back. For example if your property is 34 miles from my home then there would be a $14 charge for extra gas and time. 

Here are a few examples to show the difference between a "basic" image and a "premium" image. The premium images have accurate color with a nice clean feel. I take extra time while editing to create some great images. The basic images are good images but lack the overall color accuracy of the premium photos. 

Basic images are on the left and the premium images are on the right.